Bolling Air Force Base Address
Washington, DC 20332

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Bolling AFB Wash DC


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Bolling Air Force Base

Bolling is an Air Force Base established in 1918 in Southwest Washington D.C. and it garrisons the 11th Wing. Present-day commander is Colonel Kurt F. Neubauer has recently stated that the primary mission of Bolling is to "provide worldwide flagship ceremonial and musical ambassadorship, as well as comprehensive wartime base operating support", so the base’s training facilities are not very state-of-the-art. Anyway, it is an important part in the USAF. The base was named after World War I hero, Colonel Raynal C. Bolling. Bolling has been important during World War II, as it was a training base.

Bolling's logo features three storks flying which symbolize flight. Currently the base has no active combat mission since it has been decided that it should serve as a ceremonial military AF base, the reason for its popularization on different occasions, such as attending the St. Nicholas Festive Day, on the 6th of December 2007. For the time being, there has been an announcement about the event that the 11th Wing will participate.

Near-by newcomers can find the cities of Maryland and Virginia, which are local attractions in terms of history (they have many museums) and in terms of socializing (many local clubs and gatherings). Moreover, the base has very good housing facilities for them, if they decide to apply but they remind you that you will not serve as an active-military troop. Bolling is the place for wannabes. The educational facilities are good for youngsters if one decides to go for Bolling. Apart from that, neither the number of troops nor the area of the base was announced in public, probably because it has been forgotten.